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A12 Bionic - Apple
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A12 Bionic
General Info
Model NumberA12 Bionic
Part NumberAPL1W81,
MarketMobile, Embedded
IntroductionSeptember 12, 2018 (announced)
September 21, 2018 (launched)
General Specs
Frequency2,490 MHz (Big), 1,590 MHz (Little)
MicroarchitectureVortex, Tempest
Core NameVortex, Tempest, Chinook
Process7 nm
Die83.27 mm²
9.89 mm × 8.42 mm
Word Size64 bit
Max SMP1-Way (Uniprocessor)
A12X Bionic

A12 Bionic, also known as Apple H11P (engineering name) is a 64-bit hexa-core ARM performance mobile SoC introduced by Apple in late 2018 as a successor to the A11. It is codenamed Cyprus.


A12 announcement

Fabricated on TSMC 7 nm process and integrating 6.9 billion transistors, the A12 features two big Vortex cores operating at up to 2.4 GHz along with four little Tempest high-efficiency cores. Apple claims the big cores are up to 15% faster than the one in the A11 while being up to 40% more efficient. For the four high-efficiency cores, Apple claims up to 50% higher efficiency. Note that all six cores can operate concurrently.

The A12 features an Apple-designed graphics processor that is said to deliver up to 50% higher performance as well as a neural processor capable of peak performance of 5 TOPS (int8).

apple a12.svg


The A12 incorporates Apple's image signal processor (ISP), codename Petra, for camera related applications. The ISP is said to deliver faster depth engine and an improved video processor.

Integrated Graphics[edit]

The A12 incorporates an Apple-designed GPU. The GPU is a four-core design which is said to deliver 50% performance over the A11 in tessellation and multi-layer rendering as well as lossless memory compression.

Neural Engine[edit]

The A12 chip features an improved neural engine, codename Quin. Apple stated this is an 8-core design (the A11 featured what they called a dual-core design). The new engine is capable of performing real-time processing at 5 trillion 8-bit operations per second (up from 600 billion).

Utilizing devices[edit]

  • iPhone XR
  • iPhone XS
  • iPhone XS Max
  • iPad Mini 2019
  • iPad Air 2019
  • iPad 2020
  • Apple TV 2021
  • iPad (8th Generation)

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Facts about "A12 Bionic - Apple"
core count6 +
core nameVortex +, Tempest + and Chinook +
designerApple +
die area83.27 mm² (0.129 in², 0.833 cm², 83,270,000 µm²) +
die length9.89 mm (0.989 cm, 0.389 in, 9,890 µm) +
die width8.42 mm (0.842 cm, 0.331 in, 8,420 µm) +
familyAx +
first announcedSeptember 12, 2018 +
first launchedSeptember 21, 2018 +
full page nameapple/ax/a12 +
instance ofmicroprocessor +
isaARMv8.3 +
isa familyARM +
ldateSeptember 21, 2018 +
manufacturerTSMC +
market segmentMobile + and Embedded +
max cpu count1 +
microarchitectureVortex + and Tempest +
model numberA12 Bionic +
nameA12 Bionic +
part numberAPL1W81 + and T8020 +
process7 nm (0.007 μm, 7.0e-6 mm) +
smp max ways1 +
technologyCMOS +
thread count6 +
transistor count6,900,000,000 +
used byiPhone XR +, iPhone XS +, iPhone XS Max +, iPad Mini 2019 +, iPad Air 2019 +, iPad 2020 +, Apple TV 2021 + and iPad (8th Generation) +
word size64 bit (8 octets, 16 nibbles) +