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TMS1099 - TI
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General Info
DesignerTexas Instruments
ManufacturerTexas Instruments
Model NumberTMS1099
General Specs
Process8 µm
Word Size4 bit
Max Memory32 KiB
power dissipation (average)90 mW
Vcore15 V
PackagePDIP-64 (Plastic DIP)
PackageCDIP-64 (Ceramic DIP)

The TMS1099JL is a ROM-less version of TMS1000-TMS1200. It has 64 pins, 64x4 bits of RAM, 8 bits of "O" parallel latched data outputs and 13 "R" individually addressed output latches. The package pin count is 64.

The maximum-rated voltage is 20 V and the typical dissipation is 90mW (per power supply of 15 V).

This ROM-less version addresses 1024 x 8 bits on an external memory (EPROM).

The TMS 1099 JL SE-1
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TMS1099 - TI#package +
core voltage15 V (150 dV, 1,500 cV, 15,000 mV) +
designerTexas Instruments +
familyTMS1000 +
full page nameti/tms1000/tms1099 +
instance ofmicrocontroller +
ldate1900 +
main imageFile:tms1099jl se1.jpg +
manufacturerTexas Instruments +
max memory0.0313 MiB (32 KiB, 32,768 B, 3.051758e-5 GiB, 2.980232e-8 TiB) +
microarchitectureTMS1000 +
model numberTMS1099 +
nameTMS1099 +
packagePDIP-64 + and CDIP-64 +
power dissipation (average)0.09 W (90 mW, 1.2069e-4 hp, 9.0e-5 kW) +
process8,000 nm (8 μm, 0.008 mm) +
word size4 bit (0.5 octets, 1 nibbles) +