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UltraSPARC-I 182MHz - Sun Microsystems
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UltraSPARC-I 182MHz
General Info
DesignerSun Microsystems
ManufacturerTexas Instruments
Model NumberUltraSPARC-I 182MHz
Part NumberSTP103OBGA-182
MarketServer, Workstation
IntroductionOctober 2, 1995 (announced)
February, 1996 (launched)
Release Price$1595
General Specs
Frequency182 MHz
Process0.5 µm
Die310 mm²
Word Size64 bit
Vcore3.3 V
PackageBGA-521 (BGA)UltraSPARC-I package back.png

UltraSPARC-I 182MHz was a 64-bit SPARC microprocessor designed and introduced by Sun Microsystems in early 1996.


Main article: UltraSPARC-I § Cache

In addition to the on-chip cache, this chip also required an external cache that is either 512 KiB, 1 MiB, 2 MiB, or 4 MiB with a line size of 64 bytes.

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Cache Organization
Cache is a hardware component containing a relatively small and extremely fast memory designed to speed up the performance of a CPU by preparing ahead of time the data it needs to read from a relatively slower medium such as main memory.

The organization and amount of cache can have a large impact on the performance, power consumption, die size, and consequently cost of the IC.

Cache is specified by its size, number of sets, associativity, block size, sub-block size, and fetch and write-back policies.

Note: All units are in kibibytes and mebibytes.
L1$32 KiB
0.0313 MiB
32,768 B
3.051758e-5 GiB
L1I$16 KiB
0.0156 MiB
16,384 B
1.525879e-5 GiB
1x16 KiB2-way set associative 
L1D$16 KiB
0.0156 MiB
16,384 B
1.525879e-5 GiB
1x16 KiB16-way set associativewrite-through
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UltraSPARC-I 182MHz - Sun Microsystems#package +
base frequency182 MHz (0.182 GHz, 182,000 kHz) +
core count1 +
core voltage3.3 V (33 dV, 330 cV, 3,300 mV) +
designerSun Microsystems +
die area310 mm² (0.481 in², 3.1 cm², 310,000,000 µm²) +
familyUltraSPARC +
first announcedOctober 2, 1995 +
first launchedFebruary 1996 +
full page namesun microsystems/ultrasparc/stp1030bga-182 +
instance ofmicroprocessor +
isaSPARC V9 +
isa familySPARC +
l1$ size0.0313 MiB (32 KiB, 32,768 B, 3.051758e-5 GiB) +
l1d$ description16-way set associative +
l1d$ size0.0156 MiB (16 KiB, 16,384 B, 1.525879e-5 GiB) +
l1i$ description2-way set associative +
l1i$ size0.0156 MiB (16 KiB, 16,384 B, 1.525879e-5 GiB) +
ldateFebruary 1996 +
manufacturerTexas Instruments +
market segmentServer + and Workstation +
microarchitectureUltraSPARC-I +
model numberUltraSPARC-I 182MHz +
nameUltraSPARC-I 182MHz +
packageBGA-521 +
part numberSTP103OBGA-182 +
process500 nm (0.5 μm, 5.0e-4 mm) +
release price$ 1,595.00 (€ 1,435.50, £ 1,291.95, ¥ 164,811.35) +
seriesUltraSPARC-I +
technologyCMOS +
thread count1 +
transistor count5,200,000 +
word size64 bit (8 octets, 16 nibbles) +