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Mongoose 5 µarch
General Info
Arch TypeCPU
Process8 nm

Exynos Mongoose 5 (M5) is the successor to the Mongoose 4, a 7 nm ARM microarchitecture designed by Samsung for their consumer electronics.

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Process Technology[edit]

The M5 is planned to be fabricated on Samsung's 7 nm process (7LPP).

Compiler support[edit]

Compiler Arch-Specific Arch-Favorable
GCC -mcpu=exynos-m5 -mtune=exynos-m5
LLVM -mcpu=exynos-m5 -mtune=exynos-m5


Key changes from M4[edit]

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codenameMongoose 5 +
designerSamsung +
first launched2020 +
full page namesamsung/microarchitectures/m5 +
instance ofmicroarchitecture +
manufacturerSamsung +
microarchitecture typeCPU +
nameMongoose 5 +
process8 nm (0.008 μm, 8.0e-6 mm) +