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Nervana Systems

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Type Private
Founded 2014
Founder Amir Khosrowshahi
Naveen Rao
Arjun Bansal
Fate Acquired by Intel
Headquarters San Diego, California

Nervana Systems was a fabless American semiconductor company that specializes in Artificial Intelligence and development of neural processors.

On August 9 2016 Nervana was acquired by Intel for $350-$410 million. Nervana is now being referred to as Intel Nervana.


List of microarchitectures[edit]


Facts about "Nervana Systems"
company typeprivate +
fateAcquired by Intel +
founded2014 +
founderAmir Khosrowshahi +, Naveen Rao + and Arjun Bansal +
full page namenervana +
headquartersSan Diego, California +
instance ofsemiconductor company +
nameNervana +
website +
wikidata idQ23924629 +