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MM5700 - National Semiconductor
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Not to be confused with National MAPS (MM570X Series).

The National MM5700 or National MM57XX series a family of 4-bit calculator chips designed by National Semiconductor. The chips were made using PMOS technology, most designed for 9V battery, had an a very limited set of math operations - some only as few as addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division. These chips were made as part of National attempt to enter the ultra-low-end calculator market.

Family Members
Part Description
MM5734 8-function accumulator calculator
MM5737 8-digit, 4-function floating point calculator
MM5758 Scientific Calculator
MM5760 Slide Rule Calculator
MM5762 Financial Calculator
MM5763 Statistical Calculator
MM5764 Conversion Calculator
MM5765 Calculator Programmer
MM5766 Calculator Programmer
MM5767 Slide Rule Calculator
MM5777 6-digit, 4-function, floating point calculator
MM5780 Educational toy calculator
MM5791 8-function accumulator calculator
MM5794 8-function accumulator VFD calculator
MM5795 8-function accumulator VFD calculator
MM57103 Scientific Calculator Circuit
MM57104 Scientific Calculator Circuit
MM57123 Scientific Calculator ROM
MM57136 RPN Scientific calculator control ROM

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