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National Semiconductor
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National Semiconductor
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Type subsidiary
Founded May 27, 1959
Danbury, Connecticut
Founder Bernard J. Rothlein
Fate Acquired by Texas Instruments
Defunct September 23, 2011
Headquarters Santa Clara, California

National Semiconductor is a semiconductor chip maker. On September 23, 2011, the company became part of Texas Instruments.


Calculator chips[edit]

Instruction set architectures[edit]

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company typesubsidiary +
defunctSeptember 23, 2011 +
fateAcquired by Texas Instruments +
foundedMay 27, 1959 +
founded locationDanbury, Connecticut +
founderBernard J. Rothlein +
full page namenational semiconductor +
headquartersSanta Clara, California +
instance ofsemiconductor company +
nameNational Semiconductor +
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