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IMP-16 - National Semiconductor
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The National IMP-16 is a family of multi-chip 16-bit bit-slice microprocessor developed by National semiconductor and introduced in 1973. The chips were made using PMOS technology. Like the IMP-8, the IMP-16 was designed using 4 IMP-4 4-bit bit-slice logic units and a single control unit. The IMP-16 was later superseded by the PACE and later by the INS8900.

Family Members
IMP-16A/521 IMP-16A/421 Control and Read-only Memory (CROM)
16-bit standard instruction set
IMP-16A/522 IMP-16A/421 Control and Read-only Memory (CROM)
16-bit extended instruction set
IMP-16A/523 IMP-16A/423 I/O CROM
IMP-16A/524 IMP-16A/424 Arithmetic CROM

2nd sources[edit]

Rockwel was the only 2nd source for the IMP-16 series.


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