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$timer Identifier - mIRC
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$timer returns informations about the specified timer.




  • N - The Nth timer, if N = 0 returns the total number of timer
  • name - the name of a timer


  • .com - returns the associated command of the timer
  • .time - return the time parameter if used
  • .reps - returns the number of repetition left
  • .delay - returns the delay parameter
  • .type - returns the online/offline status
  • .secs - returns the number of second left before the timer is triggered
  • .mmt - returns $true if the timer is a multimedia timer (timer -h), $false otherwise
  • .anysc - returns $true if the /timer -i switch was specified
  • .wid - returns the window ID value associated with the timer
  • .cid - returns the connection ID value associated with the timer
  • .hwnd - returns the handle of the window associated with the timer
  • .pause - returns $true if /timer -p has been used, $false otherwise
  • .name - Forces the parameter to be seen as a name instead of the Nth timer if you pass a number.


//echo -a $timer(0)


Added: mIRC v4.72
Added on: 09 Jan 1997
Note: Unless otherwise stated, this was the date of original functionality.
Further enhancements may have been made in later versions.

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