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$mask Identifier - mIRC
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$mask returns the address with a mask of the specified type.




  • address - The address you want the mask of.
  • type - The type of address, a positive integer between 1-19:
    • 0: *!user@host
    • 1: *!*user@host
    • 2: *!*@host
    • 3: *!*user@*.host
    • 4: *!*@*.host
    • 5: nick!user@host
    • 6: nick!*user@host
    • 7: nick!*@host
    • 8: nick!*user@*.host
    • 9: nick!*@*.host

Type 10-19 are same as types 0-9 except asterisks in host are expanded to the text they replaced, then all numbers are replaced by question marks.

Masks are case-insensitive and assigned by the internet provider, but IRC servers often provide user mode +x to help disguise them.




//echo -a $mask(nick!user@host,7)


Added: mIRC v4.52
Added on: 06 Jul 1996
Note: Unless otherwise stated, this was the date of original functionality.
Further enhancements may have been made in later versions.

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