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$hotlink returns informations about what triggered the on hotlink event.




  • item - the type of information you want, can be:
    • word - returns the full word which matched the expression and triggered the event, same as $1, except that $hotlink(word) does not strip the word from control code
    • match - returns the part of the word that was used for a comparison to gives the type of match. For example if you hover an operator on a channel with the word "<@nick>", $hotlink(match) is "nick" where $hotlink(word) is "<@nick>"
    • event - returns the mouse event which triggered the on hotlink event, can be "mouse", "sclick", "uclick", "dclick", or "rclick"
    • line - returns the full line which triggered the on hotlink event.


  • .pos - the .pos property can only be used with "line", "word" and "match" items:
    • $hotlink(line).pos - returns the line's number in the window
    • $hotlink(word).pos - returns the Nth token number of the word in the line (Nth word)
    • $hotlink(match).pos - returns the position/index of the matching word in the line (Nth character), starting with an index count of 0.
  • .type - used only with "match" item, returns the type of match, can be "nick", "channel", "url" and "other"


on *:hotlink:*:*:echo -a $hotlink(match)


Added: mIRC v7.24
Added on: 26 May 2012
Note: Unless otherwise stated, this was the date of original functionality.
Further enhancements may have been made in later versions.

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