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$gmt return the current GMT time value in $ctime format. $gmt also accept optional time and/or format parameters, displaying the same format as $asctime, adjusted by $timezone/$daylight settings.


$gmt(date [,format])


  • no parameters Returns ctime adjusted by the $timezone value
  • date Optional ctime number, overrides the default ctime. Returns the GMT time string in $asctime format. Ignores any fractions.
  • format Optional format letters same as for $asctime




//echo -a $gmt($ctime) is the same as $asctime($calc($ctime + $timezone  ) )
//echo -a $gmt is same as $calc( $ctime + $timezone )
//echo -a Current GMT is $gmt($ctime, ddd dd mmmm yyyy hh:nn:sstt)
  • Beginning v7.56, changes made to $gmt are:

1. The z|zz|zzz format strings now return the string for GMT zone instead of the user's zone.
2. Fixed bug where $gmt(number) handled all dates as if they were during the same $daylight zone as the current date, resulting in different output for $gmt(0), for most people, when script is run in January vs June.

//echo -a $gmt($calc(0+$iif($version isnum 7.56-,0,$daylight))) is Thu Jan 01 00:00:00 1970

3. New API recognizes larger date range. N can now be numbers which resolve to 1 second after midnight at the beginning of year 1601, through 1 second prior midnight at the end of the last day of year 9999. Returns $null of N is outside that range.

//echo -a $gmt($calc(0-86400*365.25*369+86400*3.25+1))) is Mon Jan 01 00:00:01 1601
//echo -a $gmt($calc(0+86400*365.25*(9999-1970)+86400*304.75-1))) is Fri Dec 31 23:59:59 9999
valid range is -11644473599 through +253402300799


Added: mIRC v5.5
Added on: 08 Jan 1999
Note: Unless otherwise stated, this was the date of original functionality.
Further enhancements may have been made in later versions.

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