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$caller Identifier - mIRC
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$caller returns a value which indicates the context in which your alias has been called.

The possible returned value can be:

  • "activex" - called from $comcall
  • "command" - called from a command
  • "dde" - called from a external application using DDE
  • "dll" - called from a DLL
  • "dragdrop" - called from a drag'n'drop event
  • "editbox" - called from an editbox
  • "event" - called from an event (including $devent = mouse)
  • "funckey" - called from a function key
  • "identifier" - called from an identifier
  • "menu" - called from a menu
  • "mouse" - called from an alias attached to toolbar menu
  • "play" - called from a /play context
  • "sendmsg" - called from a sendmessage() function
  • "timer" - called from a timer
  • "http" - call back alias from $urlget
  • "tabcomp" - called from a tab completion in editbox
  • "other" - called from other contexts including:
  1. label of popups menu
  2. /filter -a sort_alias
  3. identifier in dialog table (ie returning one of the x y w h numbers)








Activex: edit the echo in the alias cbthread in $comcall page to include $caller

Command & Identifier: execute /A or //noop $A

alias A B
alias B echo -ag $caller

Editbox: execute: /A or execute: //echo -a $caller

alias A echo -ag $caller

Event: execute /dns test

on *:dns:echo -a $caller

Funckey: hit shift + f11 on your keyboad:

alias s11 echo -a caller

Menu: right click in a channel

menu channel  {
$caller displays in menu label text as other:echo -a $caller displays here as menu

play: execute in a connected status window //play -as A $mircini | .timer 1 2 play off

alias A echo -sg $caller

Timer: type in editbox:

/timer 1 1 echo -a $caller
//timer 1 1 echo -a $ $+ caller



Added: mIRC v7.52
Added on: 28 Feb 2018
Note: Unless otherwise stated, this was the date of original functionality.
Further enhancements may have been made in later versions.

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