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Moorestown Platform
Developer Intel
Manufacturer Intel, TSMC
Process 45 nm
0.045 μm
4.5e-5 mm
Technology CMOS
Cores Lincroft
Chipset Langwell, Briertown, Evans Peak
Menlow Oak Trail

Moorestown is the platform name for Intel's low-power platform Bonnell-based processors and chipsets designed for Mobile Internet Devices (MID) and Ultra Mobile PCs (UMPCs) serving as a successor to Menlow. Moorestown consists of a Lincroft-based processor, the (Platform Controller Hub MP20) Langwell chipset, and the Briertown dedicated Mixed Signal IC (MSIC).

The Moorestown platform offers 2x reduction in average circuit board size and up to 50x standby power reduction vs Menlow equivalent.


moorestown platform.png


chipsetLangwell +, Briertown + and Evans Peak +
core nameLincroft +
designerIntel +
instance ofplatform +
manufacturerIntel + and TSMC +
nameMoorestown Platform +
process45 nm (0.045 μm, 4.5e-5 mm) +
technologyCMOS +