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McCaslin - Intel
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Stealey MPU, 945GU Express Chipset, & ICH7U I/O Hub

Developer Intel
Manufacturer Intel
Introduction April 17, 2007 (announced)
Process 90 nm
0.09 μm
9.0e-5 mm
Technology CMOS
Cores Stealey
Chipset Little River

McCaslin (branded as Intel Ultra Mobile platform 2007 or IUMPC2007) was the platform for Intel's Ultra Mobile PCs introduced in 2007 based on the Pentium M microarchitecture. McCaslin consist of the Stealey-based processor and the Little River chipset.

Facts about "McCaslin - Intel"
chipsetLittle River +
core nameStealey +
designerIntel +
first announcedApril 17, 2007 +
instance ofplatform +
manufacturerIntel +
nameMcCaslin +
process90 nm (0.09 μm, 9.0e-5 mm) +
technologyCMOS +