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IC Grade

Grade Operating temperature
Min Max
Commercial 0°C / 32°F 70°C / 158°F
Industrial -40°C / -40°F 85°C / 185°F
Military -55°C / -67°F 125°C / 257°F

The integrated circuit grade or temperature grade (or rating) is a method of classifying ICs based on their operating temperature - typically based on the intended purpose of a particular chip .

Components usually fall into one of four categories: commercial, industrial, automative, and military. While commercial-grade are the most commonly sold parts, over the years demand from the military, aerospace, automotive, and exploration (oil/gass) introduced the need for additional rates to satisfy those harsher operating conditions.

Do to their limited availability, military parts are usually much harder to come by - sometimes impossible if a manufacturer has no demand for them.

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