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Centaur Technology

Centaur Technology
centaur technology logo.png
Type Private
Founded 1995
Austin, Texas
Founder Glenn Henry
Fate Acquired by VIA Technologies
Headquarters Austin, Texas

Centaur Technology is a fabless designer of x86 compatible microprocessors. Centaur was funded by Integrated Device Technology and in September 1999, Centaur was sold to VIA Technologies.

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Facts about "Centaur Technology"
company typeprivate +
fateAcquired by VIA Technologies +
founded1995 +
founded locationAustin, Texas +
founderGlenn Henry +
full page namecentaur +
headquartersAustin, Texas +
instance ofsemiconductor company +
nameCentaur Technology +
website +
wikidata idQ1053492 +