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Socket FM1 - AMD
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Socket FM1
General Info
IntroductionJune 30, 2011 (launched)
TDP100 W
100,000 mW
0.134 hp
0.1 kW
TypeOrganic Micro Pin Grid Array
Dimension40.0 mm
4 cm
1.575 in
× 40.0 mm
4 cm
1.575 in
Pitch1.27 mm
0.05 in
NameSocket FM1

Socket FM1 was the socket for OPGA-905-packaged AMD microprocessors, the first generation of AMD APUs, desktop processors with integrated graphics. Its counterpart for mobile processors is Socket FS1. Socket FM1 was superseded by Socket FM2.

All processors for Socket FM1, codename "Llano", are members of AMD's Family 12h with CPU cores based on the K10 microarchitecture, and were fabricated on a 32 nm SOI process.


  • 905-pin lidded micro pin grid array package, 1.27 mm pitch, 31 × 31 pins, 40 × 40 mm, organic substrate
  • 2 × 64/72 bit DDR3 SDRAM interface up to 933 MHz, PC3-14900 (DDR3-1866), 29.9 GB/s
    • Up to 4 UDIMMs or SODIMMs (2 per channel), up to 16 Gbyte per UDIMM, ECC supported
    • JEDEC 1.5V, 1.35V
  • PCIe Gen 1.0 and 2.0 (5 GT/s)
    • Configurable x16 external graphics card (GFX) link (x16, x8, x4, up to 2 ports, DDI)
    • Configurable x4 General Purpose Ports (1x4, 2x2, 1x2 + 2x1, 4x1)
    • x4 Unified Media Interface to FCH
  • Two independent display controllers
    • Six Digital Display Interfaces
      • 2 × single link
      • 4 × multiplexed with 1x4 (dual link DVI 1x8) GFX lanes each
    • DisplayPort / eDP 1.1a
    • Single/dual link DVI, HDMI 1.4a, HDCP
  • Power Management
    • AMD PowerNow! technology
    • ACPI P-states, processor power states C0, C1, sleep states S0, S3, S4, S5
    • Northbridge P-states
    • PCIe core power gating, power-down for unused lanes
  • Thermal Controls
    • Sideband temperature control
    • Hardware thermal control (HTC)
    • Local HTC
    • DRAM thermal protection


  • AMD FCH A55/A75 "Hudson-D2/D3"

Processors using Socket FM1[edit]

  • AMD A-Series APU
  • AMD E2-Series APU
  • AMD Athlon II X2, X4
  • AMD Sempron X2
 List of all Socket FM1-based Processors
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Package Diagram[edit]

OPGA-905 diag.svg

OPGA-905 package (UOF 905). All dimensions in millimeters.

Socket Outline[edit]

Socket FM1 diag.svg

Socket FM1. All dimensions in millimeters.

Pin Map[edit]

OPGA-905 pinmap.svg

Pin Description[edit]

Signal Description
ALERT_L Programmable pin that can indicate different events, including a SB-TSI interrupt
CLKIN_H/L Differential PLL Reference Clock
DBREQ_L, DBRDY Debug Request/Ready
DISP_CLKIN_H/L Display Controller Reference Clock
DMAACTIVE_L Indicates System DMA Activity to prevent NB P-state transition
DP0/DP1/DP2/DP3/DP4/DP5_AUXP/N DisplayPort Auxiliary Channel
DP0/DP1/DP2/DP3/DP4/DP5_HPD DisplayPort Hot Plug Detect
DP0/DP1_TXP/N[3:0] DisplayPort Differential Transmitter
DP_AUX_ZVSS Compensation Resistor to VSS
DP_BLON Display Panel Backlight Enable
DP_DIGON Display Panel Power Enable
DP_VARY_BL Display Backlight Brightness Control
MA0/MA1/MB0/MB1_CS_L[1:0] DRAM Chip Select
MA0/MA1/MB0/MB1_ODT[1:0] DRAM Enable Pin for On Die Termination
MA/MB_ADD[15:0] DRAM Column/Row Address
MA/MB_BANK[2:0] DRAM Bank Address
MA/MB_CAS_L DRAM Column Address Strobe
MA/MB_CKE[1:0] DRAM Clock Enable
MA/MB_CLK_H/L[7:0] DRAM Differential Clock
MA/MB_DATA[63:0] DRAM Data Bus
MA/MB_DM[8:0] DRAM Data Mask
MA/MB_DQS_H/L[8:0] DRAM Differential Data Strobe
MA/MB_EVENT_L DRAM Thermal Event Status
MA/MB_RAS_L DRAM Row Address Strobe
MA/MB_RESET_L DRAM Reset Pin for Suspend-to-RAM Power Management Mode
MA/MB_WE_L DRAM Write Enable
M_VREF DRAM Interface Voltage Reference
M_ZVDDIO Compensation Resistor to VDDIO
PROCHOT_L Processor in HTC-active state
PWROK Voltages and CLKIN have reached specified operation
P_GFX_TX/RXP/N[15:0] External graphics card Transmit/Receive Data Differential Pairs
P_GPP_TX/RXP/N[3:0] General Purpose Ports Transmit/Receive Data Differential Pairs
P_UMI_TX/RXP/N[3:0] Unified Media Interface Transmit/Receive Data Differential Pairs
P_ZVDDP Compensation Resistor to VDDP Power Supply
P_ZVSS Compensation Resistor to VSS
RESET_L Processor Reset
RSVD Reserved
SIC, SID Sideband Temperature Sensor Interface Clock/Data
SVC, SVD Serial VID Interface Clock/Data
TEST* Test signal
THERMDA, THERMDC Thermal Diode Anode, Cathode
THERMTRIP_L Thermal Sensor Trip output
VDD Core Power Supply
VDD_SENSE VDD Voltage Monitor Pin
VDDA Filtered PLL Supply Voltage
VDDIO DRAM I/O Ring Power Supply
VDDIO_SENSE VDDIO Voltage Monitor Pin
VDDNB Northbridge Power Supply
VDDNB_SENSE VDDIO Voltage Monitor Pin
VDDP_SENSE VDDP Voltage Monitor Pin
VDDR VDDR Power Supply
VDDR_SENSE VDDR Voltage Monitor Pin
VSS Ground
VSS_SENSE VSS Voltage Monitor Pin


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Facts about "Socket FM1 - AMD"
designerAMD +
first launchedJune 30, 2011 +
instance ofpackage +
market segmentDesktop +
microarchitectureK10 +
nameSocket FM1 +
packageOPGA-905 +
package contacts905 +
package length40 mm (4 cm, 1.575 in) +
package pitch1.27 mm (0.05 in) +
package typeOrganic Micro Pin Grid Array +
package width40 mm (4 cm, 1.575 in) +
socketSocket FM1 +
tdp100 W (100,000 mW, 0.134 hp, 0.1 kW) +