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Am29100 - AMD
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Not to be confused with AMD's 29PL100 Family of MCUs.
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Developer AMD
Manufacturer AMD, Cypress
Type microprocessors
Introduction 1981 (announced)
Production 1982
ISA Am29100
Process 2 µm
2,000 nm
0.002 mm
, 1.5 µm
1,500 nm
0.0015 mm
Technology Bipolar, CMOS
Clock 7.143 MHz-13.33 MHz
Package DIP52, LCC68, QFP52

The Am29100 was a family of 16-bit bit-slice microprocessors designed by AMD and introduced in 1982. This family was aimed to compete directly with DECs LSI-11 MPU. Unlike the Am2900 family, the 29100 introduced considerably more complex circuitry on a single chip such as scratchpad RAM, a barrel shifter, and bit manipulation capabilities.


Part Description
Am29111 16-bit slice microsequencer
Am29112 8-bit slice microsequencer
Am29114 8-level real-time interrupt controller
Am29116 Original MPU, 100ns cycle
Am29116-1 MPU, 90ns cycle
Am29116-2 MPU, 80ns cycle
Am29117 Identical to Am29116, except separate input and output ports
Am29118 8-bit I/O support
Am29C111 CMOS version of the Am29111
Am29C112 CMOS version of the Am29112
Am29C116 CMOS version of the Am29116
Am29C117 CMOS version of the Am29117

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The Am29116/7 were slightly more capable than the basic bit-slice microprocessor. Even so, they were not quite a complete processor as the entire flow of the program still had to be done externally (e.g. using the Am29112 microsequencer or custom logic) to handle subroutines, and memory access.

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