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another dump of CPUs to be cross-referenced later..

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高通(Qualcomm) X=1(TD-SCDMA); 2(UMTS); 6(CDMA/Multi); 9(LTE/CDMA/UMTS) AX含MSM8974AA/AB/AC 产品系列 型号 架构 GPU MSM7X25A/27A A5 Adreno 200 S200, MSM8X25 2*A5 Adreno 203 (45/28nmLP, MSM8X25Q 4*A5 Adreno 203 Up to MSM8X10 2*A7 Adreno 302 1.4GHz) MSM8X12 4*A7 Adreno 302 MSM8X27 2*Krait Adreno 305 S400, MSM8X30/AB 2*Krait Adreno 305 (28nmLP, Up MSM8X26 4*A7 Adreno 305 to 1.7GHz) MSM8X28 4*A7 Adreno 305 MSM8X16 4*A53 Adreno 306 S600, MSM8X60/A 2*Krait Adreno 225 (28nmLP, Up MSM8X60/APro 2*Krait Adreno 320 to 1.7GHz) S800, APQ8064Pro 4*Krait Adreno 320 (28nmLP/HP MSM8974AX 4*Krait Adreno 330 M, Up to APQ8084 4*Krait Adreno 420 2.5GHz) S800, MSM8994 4*Krait Adreno 430 (20nm, 64- bit) 英伟达(NVIDIA) ) 集成LTE 产品系列 型号 架构 GPU Tegra APX2500 Tegra 1, (65nm, Tegra APX2600 GeForceUp to 800MHz) Tegra 600 ARM11 6 Tegra 650 Tegra 230 Tegra 2, (40nm, Tegra 250 GeForce 2*A9 Up to 1.2GHz) AP20H 8 AP25 T33 Tegra 3, (40nm, T30S GeForce Up to T30 4*A9 12 1.6/1.7GHz) T30SL AP30 T40 Tegra 4, (28nm, T43 (4+1)* GeForce Up to 1.9GHz) AP40 A15 72 SP3X

Tegra 4i, (28nm, (4+1)* GeForce Up to 2.3GHz) A9 r4 60 德州仪器(TI) 未含OMAP35XX OMAP 1 仅举例说明 产品系列 型号 架构 GPU OMAP 1, (90nm, OMAP1710 ARM9 Up to 220MHz) 26 OMAP2420 core OMAP 2, (90nm, ARM1 PowerVR OMAP2430 Up to 434MHz) 136 MBX OMAP2431 OMAP3410 OMAP 3, (65nm, OMAP3420 PowerVR A8 Up to 800MHz) OMAP3430 SGX530 OMAP3440 OMAP3610 OMAP 3, (45nm, OMAP3620/1 PowerVR A8 Up to 1.2GHz) OMAP3630 SGX530 OMAP3640 OMAP4420 OMAP4430 PowerVR OMAP 4, (45nm, OMAP4440 2*A9 SGX540/ Up to 1.8GHz) OMAP4460 544 OMAP4470 OMAP5430 PowerVR OMAP 5, (28nm, OMAP5432 2*A15 SGX544M Up to 2GHz) P 三星(SAMSUNG) 未含S3C24XX/S3C6410/S5P6442 D/Q特指:Dual/Quad 产品系列 型号 架构 GPU (90nm, Up to S5L8900 PowerVR MBX- ARM11 620MHz) Lite (65nm, Up to S5PC100 PowerVR A8 833MHz) SGX535 S5PC110 Exynos 3 Single, PowerVR (45nm, Up to A8 SGX540 1GHz) 4210 2*A9 Exynos 4 D/Q, 4212 2*A9 ARM Mali-400 (45/32nm, Up to 4412 4*A9 MP4 1.6GHz) Exynos 5 D/Q, 5250 2*A15 ARM Mali-T604 (32/28nm, Up to 5450 4*A15 ARM Mali-T658 2GHz) 5410 4*A15+ PowerVR Exynos 5 Octa, 4*A7 SGX544MP3 (28nm, Up to 5420 4*A15+ ARM Mali-628 1.8GHz) 4*A7 MP6 联发科(MediaTek) 集成LTE 未含MT6290 仅MT65XX平台,MT6588/92略述 含MT6589/M/T, MT6572/M, MT6582H/M 产品系列 型号 架构 GPU MT6513 ARM9/7 PowerVR (65nm, Up to MT6573 ARM11 SGX531 800MHz) MT6516 ARM9/7 MT6515/M A9 (40nm, Up to MT6575/M PowerVR 1.2GHz) MT6517/T SGX531ultra 2*A9 MT6577/T MT6589TD PowerVR MT6589, 4*A7 MT6589W SGX544 (28nm, Up to 1.5GHz) MT6572, MT6572TD/E ARM Mali- 2*A7 (28nm, Up to MT6572W 400 MP1 1.3GHz) MT6582/8, MT6582TD ARM Mali- (28nm, Up to MT6582W 4*A7 400 MP2 1.7GHz) MT6588 ARM Mali- MT659X, MT6592 450 MP4 (28nm, Up to MT6595 8*A7 2GHz) 展讯(SPREADTRUM) 未含SC770X/8802G 未含SC9610/20 SC77XX: 40nm 2*A7 1.5GHz 产品系列 型号 架构 GPU SC6620/10 ARM7 SC6800H ARM9 (65/40nm, Up SC6530 ARM9 to 1GHz) SC6531 ARM9 SC6810 ARM9 SC6820 A5 ARM Mali-400 SC8800G ARM9 SC88XX, SC8801G ARM9 (40nm, Up to SC8805G ARM9 1.2GHz) SC8810 A5 ARM Mali-400 SC7710 A5 ARM Mali-400 SC6825 2*A5 ARM Mali-400 Tiger, (40nm, SC8825 2*A5 ARM Mali-400 Up to 1.2GHz) SCXXXX 4*A7 Shark, (40/28nm, Up to 1.5GHz)

联芯(LEADCORE) 未含LC1760/1 产品系列 型号 架构 GPU L1808 ARM926 (90/65nm, EJ-S Up to L1808B ARM926 600MHz) EJ-S L1710 ARM926 (55nm, Up EJ-S to 1GHz) LC1712 ARM926 EJ-S LC1810 2*A9 ARM Mali-400 LC181X, LC1811 2*A9 ARM Mali-400 (40nm, Up LC1812 2*A7 ARM Mali-400 to 1.2GHz) LC1813 4*A7 ARM Mali-400 LC1815 2*A9 (28nm, Up LC1820 4*A15 to 2GHz)

博通(BROADCOM) 未含BCM21892 产品系列 型号 架构 GPU BCM21331 ARM9 BCM2153 ARM11 BCM2157 ARM11 (65/40nm, BCM21550 ARM11 Video core 4 Up to BCM21552/G ARM11 Video core 4 1.2GHz) BCM21553 ARM11 Video core 4 BCM21654 A9 Video core 4 BCM21654G A9 Video core 4 BCM21664/T 2*A9 Video core 4 BCM28145 2*A9 Video core 4 (40nm, Up BCM28155 2*A9 Video core 4 to 1.3GHz) BCM28150 2*A9 Video core 4 BCM23550 4*A7 Video core 4 (28nm, Up to 1.2GHz)

美满(MARVELL) 集成LTE 未含PXA1801/02 产品系列 型号 架构 GPU PXA27X, PXA270 ARMv5 (130nm, Up to PXA271 ARMv5 624MHz) PXA272 ARMv5 PXA3XX, PXA300 ARM920T (90nm, Up to PXA310 ARM920T 806MHz) PXA320 ARM920T PXA910 ARMv5 GC530 PXA9XX, PXA918 ARMv5 GC530 (65/40nm, Up PXA920 ARMv5 GC530 to 1GHz) PXA920H ARMv5 GC530 PXA930 ARMv5 GC530 PXA968 ARMv7 PXA978 ARMv7 (40nm, Up to PXA986 2*A9 GC1000 1.4GHz) PXA988 2*A9 GC1000 PXA1088 4*A7 GC1000 PXA19XX, PXA1920 4*A7 (28nm Up to PXA1928 4*A15 1.XGHz)

爱立信(Ericsson) 未含Modem A/L9540(32nm) 产品系列 型号 架构 GPU U6710 ARM926EJ (65/45nm, U6715 ARMv7 Up to T6719 ARMv7 1.2GHz) U8500 2*A9 ARM Mali-400 U8520 2*A9 ARM Mali-400 U9500 2*A9 ARM Mali-400 A9500 2*A9 ARM Mali-400 (45/28nm, A9540 2*A9 PowerVR SGX544Up to L8540 2*A9 PowerVR SGX5442.5GHz) L8580 4*A9 PowerVR SGX544 L9540 2*A9 PowerVR SGX544

英特尔(INTEL) Lexington---Phone Medfield---Phone Clover Trail---Pad Bay Trail---Pad Clover Trail+---Phone/Pad 支持Win 8 产品系列 型号 架构 GPU Z2420 X86 Medfield,(32nm, PowerVR Z2460 X86 Up to 2GHz) SGX540 Z2480 X86 Clover Z2520 2*X86 PowerVR Trail+,(32nm, Up Z2560 2*X86 SGX544MP2 to 2GHz) Z2580 2*X86 Clover Z2760 2*X86 PowerVR Trail,(32nm, Up SGX545 to 1.8GHz) Bay Trail,(22nm Z3680/D 2*X86 Up to 2.4GHz Z3740/D 4*X86 Intel HD4000 Turbo) Z3770/D 4*X86 Tangier 2*X86 Merrifield, PowerVR 6 (22nm)

海思(Hisilicon) 产品系列 型号 架构 GPU Hi3611 ARM926EJ-S K3, (Up to 460MHz) (40/35nm, K3V2 4*A9 GC4000 Up to K3V2E 4*A9 GC4000 1.5GHz) K3V3 4*A15+4*A7 ARM (28nm, Up Mali-T658 to 1.8GHz)

锐迪科(RDA) 未含RDA8812/E 支持LTE 产品系列 型号 架构 GPU RDA8851 RDA88XX, RDA8852 (55nm, RDA8853 312MHz) RDA8809P RDA88X9 RDA8810 A5 RDA881X, RDA8811 A5 (40nm, Up to RDA8810E 2*A7 1GHz) RDA8811E 2*A7 RDA88X0, RDA8850 A7 (40nm, Up to RDA8860 2*A7 1.2GHz) RDA8820 4*A7 RDA88X0, RDA8880 4*A7 (28nm, Up to RDA8890 1GHz)

威盛(VIA) Modem 产品系列 型号 架构 GPU CBP7.1T ARM926 CBP7.1 ARM968 (152nm, Up CBP7.2B ARM968 to 125MHz) CBP7.2C ARM968 CBP7.2CC ARM968 CBP6.4 ARM926 CBP8.0 ARM926 (55nm, Up to CBP6.5 ARM926 330MHz) CBP8.2 ARM926 CBP8.2C ARM926 CBP8.2D ARM926 CBP1855 ARM926 (55nm, Up to CBP5850 2*A9 ARM Mali-400 1.2GHz) CPM3000 ARM926 CBP3850 ARM926