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MCS-8 - Intel
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Intel MCS-8
KL Intel C8008-1.jpg
CPU, 8008-1 higher speed variant
Developer Intel
Manufacturer Intel
Type microprocessors
Production 1972-1983
Release date April 1, 1972
Architecture 8-bit word, 14-bit addressing
ISA 8008
Word size 8 bit
1 octets
2 nibbles
Process 10 μm
10,000 nm
0.01 mm
Technology pMOS
Clock 500 kHz-800 kHz
Package DIP18

The MCS-8 (Micro Computer Set-8) was a family of 8-bit microprocessor chipsets developed by Intel. Introduced on April, 1972, the MCS-8 featured the 8008 CPU.


See also: TMX-1795

By mid 1969 Datapoint Corporation, then Computer Terminal Corporation (CTC), was looking to create a more powerful machine. Convinced this could be achieved by creating a more complex integrated circuit, CTC commissioned Intel. Texas Instruments was also brought in as a possible alternative. Intel had a working specs for the 8008 (also known as 1201) by January or February of 1970. The chip was planned to be center of CTC's Datapoint 2200. Later the same year, TI's own TMX1795 prototype which was based on Intel's own specs was send to CTC. CTC rejected it shortly after due to various design bugs. CTC eventually scrapped the 1201 idea entirely and went with a discrete TTL instead.

Following a slight redesign in 1971 with the help of Federico Faggin (the designer of the 4004), the modified chip was once again delivered to CTC. By that time CTC had moved on entirely onto the Datapoint 2200 II. The 1201 was no longer adequate for their product. CTC decided to abandon the 1201 idea, leaving the design's intellectual property to Intel. Intel renamed the 1201 8008 which end up being hugely successful.


Part Frequency Package
8008 500 kHz DIP18
8008-1 800 kHz DIP18

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Main article: 8008 ISA

The MCS-8/8008 ISA has 48 instructions.

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Designers for the MCS-8 include:

  • Ted Hoff
  • Stan Mazor
  • Hal Feeney
  • Federico Faggin


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