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HMCS-4 - Hitachi
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Hitachi HMCS-4
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Developer Hitachi
Manufacturer Hitachi
Type microprocessors
Production 1975
Architecture 4-bit
ISA 4004
Word size 4 bit
0.5 octets
1 nibbles
Technology pMOS

The HMCS-4 was a family of 4-bit multi-chip microprocessor manufactured by Hitachi. It is unknown if this was a licensed 2nd source or a faithful clone of the Intel MCS-4. The complete system was made of 4 chips. The chipset included a ROM chip, a RAM chip, shift register, and a 4-bit microprocessor. The chipset was first produced first quarter of 1975. Hitachi appear to have used the same numbering system as Intel did for the family with the exception of the ROM chip which used an existing ROM chip.


Family Members
Part Description
HD35404 4-bit CPU
HN35600 ROM
HD35402 RAM
HD35403 Shift Register


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