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HD35404 - Hitachi
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Hitachi HD35404
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Developer Hitachi

Introduction date Q1, 1975

Model HD35404

Cores 1

Clock 740 KHz

Bus Width 4-bit

Memory Specs
Max Memory  ?

Package 16-pin DIP

The Hitachi HD35404 was a 4-bit microprocessor first produced first quarter of 1975 by Hitachi.[1] The HMCS-4 used pMOS technology and was architecturally compatible with the Intel 4004. The chip came in 16-pin DIP packages. The HD35404 was part of the Hitachi HMCS-4, an Intel MCS-4 clone. The HD35404 was the first microprocessor produced by Hitachi which paved their way into the microprocessor market.


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