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/notice Sends a private message to nickname without opening a query window for either you or them.


/notice nick|target|nick,nick,... Message




  • target receiver of the private message. Usually is a nick, but some networks support target being a comma separated list of nicks, or a #channel or prefixes#channel
  • message message sent to the target(s)
  • Note: depending how the client is configured, received notice message can appear in status window, channel shared with sender, or active window.




One of the messages from the /version command is similar to:
TARGMAX=NAMES:1,LIST:1,KICK:1,WHOIS:1,PRIVMSG:4,NOTICE:4,ACCEPT:,MONITOR: are supported by this server
The "NOTICE:4" is the maximum number of nicks that can be combined in a single /notice command:
/notice nick1,nick2,nick3,nick4 This message is seen by all 4 nicks
Inside the :NOTICE: event you can use $target to discern between notices sent to 1+ nicks or a class of nicks. In the above, all 4 nicks see $target = $me without knowing the other 3 nicks.
If the server supports additional targets, some can include:
/notice #test This notice seen by everyone in channel #test ($target = #test)
/notice @+#test This message received by all OP+Voice in #test ($target = @+#test)
/notice @%+#test This message received by all OP+Voice+HalfOp in #test ($target = @%+#test)
/notice @#test This message received by all OP in #test ($target = @#test)
This is not the same as /onotice, which requires sender be an OP
For "/onotice message" or "/notice nick message" the receiver sees: -sender- message
but for "/notice @+#test message" the receiver sees: -sender:@+#test- message
Warning: Some networks did not fully support all targets, so should test to make certain that a target is seen only by nicks having that status, and not everyone in channel, or sometimes also seen by unlisted prefixes of higher status.


Added: mIRC v2.7a
Added on: 18 Mar 1995
Note: Unless otherwise stated, this was the date of original functionality.
Further enhancements may have been made in later versions.

(first mention in versions.txt)

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