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Xeon Gold - Intel
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Xeon Gold
xeon gold (2017).png
Xeon Gold Logo
Developer Intel
Manufacturer Intel
Type Microprocessors
Introduction May 4, 2017 (announced)
H2, 2017 (launch)
Architecture x86 server multiprocessors
ISA x86-64
µarch Skylake
Word size 64 bit
8 octets
16 nibbles
Process 14 nm
0.014 μm
1.4e-5 mm
Technology CMOS
Package FCLGA-3647
Socket LGA-3647
Xeon E7
Xeon E5

Xeon Gold is a family of 64-bit x86 dual/quad-socket multi-core high performance server microprocessors introduced by Intel in 2017. The Xeon Gold offers highest performance and high scalability with up to 4-way multiprocessing.



See also: Skylake µarch
 List of Skylake-based Xeon Gold Processors
 Main processor
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Facts about "Xeon Gold - Intel"
designerIntel +
first announcedMay 4, 2017 +
first launchedFebruary 2017 +
full page nameintel/xeon gold +
instance ofmicroprocessor family +
instruction set architecturex86-64 +
main designerIntel +
manufacturerIntel +
microarchitectureSkylake +
nameXeon Gold +
packageFCLGA-3647 +
process14 nm (0.014 μm, 1.4e-5 mm) +
socketLGA-3647 +
technologyCMOS +
word size64 bit (8 octets, 16 nibbles) +