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Intel 3000 Series
KL intel D3002.jpg
Intel D3002, CPU of the 3000 series
Developer Intel
Manufacturer Intel
Production 1974-1976
Release date 1974
Architecture 2-bit bit-slice
Word size variable
"variable" is not a number.
Process 10 μm
10,000 nm
0.01 mm
Technology Schottky TTL
Clock 8.33 MHz-16.67 MHz
Package DIP28, DIP40

The Intel 3000 series is a family of 2-bit bit-slice microprocessor components developed by Intel and introduced in early 1974. The series was made using used bipolar Schottky transistors.

2nd source[edit]

Signetics was the only 2nd source. Later on Czechoslovakian and USSR based clones of the 3000 series were made as well.


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Family members[edit]

Family Members
Part Description
3001 Microprogram control unit
3002 CPU
3003 Carry-lookahead adder
3205 1 of 8 binary decoder
3207 Quad Bipolar-to-MDS Level Shifter and Driver
3208 Hex Sense Amplifier for MOS Memories
3210 TTL-to-MOS Level Shifter and High Voltage Clock Driver
3211 ECL-to-MOS Level Shifter and High Voltage Clock Driver
3212 Multimode latch buffer
3214 Priority interrupt unit
3216 Noninverting bidirectional bus driver
3222 Refresh Controller for 4K NMOS DRAMs
3226 Inverting bidirectional bus driver
3232 Address Multiplexer and Refresh Counter for 4K DRAMs
3235 Quad Bipolar-to-MOS Level Shifter and Drive
3242 Address Multiplexer and Refresh Counter for 16K DRAMs
3245 Quad Bipolar TTL-to-MOS Level Shifter and Driver for 4K
3246 Quad Bipolar ECL-to-MOS Level Shifter and Driver for 4K
3404 High-performance 6-bit Latch
3408 Hex Sense Amp and Latch for MOS Memories
3601 256x4-bit programable read-only memory
3604 512x8·bit programable read-only memory
3301A 256x4-bit read·only memory
3304A 512x8-bit read-only memory



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