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The System/4 was a computer made by Decision Data 1977[1]. The System/4 was a joint afford from Decision Data and Sperry Corporation. For the most part, the System/4 was a reintroduction of the UNIVAC BC/7. Unlike the UNIVAC BC/7, the System/4 came with an accompanying 9610 Interperting Data Recorder and printers.

The System/4 was named similar to the IBM System/3 in an attempt to grab possible IBM customers who were considering on upgrading from the System/3 to the System/34 but still neded the card reading capabilities the System/3 (and thus System/4) has.

Like the System/3, DDCC's System/4 had support for RPG II and IDEAL programming languages[1]. The computer used an Intel 8080 and had a coprocessor made from Intel 3000 series chips[1].


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