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MH 3000 - Tesla
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Tesla MH 3000
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Developer Tesla (czech)
Manufacturer Tesla (czech)
Type microprocessors
Production 1979
Architecture 2-bit bit-slice
Word size 2
2 bit
0.25 octets
0.5 nibbles
Technology pMOS
Package DIP28, DIP40

The Tesla MH 3000 series is a family of 2-bit bit-slice microprocessor components developed by Tesla and introduced in 1979. The series attempted to be a fully faithful reproduction of the 3000, even using exact same part numbers.


Family Members
Part Description
3001 Microprogram control unit
3002 CPU
3003 circuit for acceleration of transmission
3205 1 of 8 binary decoder
3212 Multimode latch buffer
3214 Priority interrupt unit
3216 Noninverting bidirectional bus driver


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