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S5 - Samsung
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Samsung S5
Developer Samsung, ARM Holdings
Manufacturer Samsung
Type System on Chips
Architecture ARM performance processors
Word size 32 bit
4 octets
8 nibbles
Technology CMOS
S3 Exynos

S5 (sometimes S5Pxxxx) was a short-lived family of 32-bit performance ARM mobile processors developed by Samsung as a successor to the S3 families. Samsung eventually phased out the S5 family with the introduction of the Exynos family. Most of the later models were subsequently rebranded as Exynos models.

Facts about "S5 - Samsung"
designerSamsung + and ARM Holdings +
full page namesamsung/s5 +
instance ofsystem on a chip family +
instruction set architectureARMv7 +
main designerSamsung +
manufacturerSamsung +
nameSamsung S5 +
technologyCMOS +
word size32 bit (4 octets, 8 nibbles) +