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Developer RCA, Harris Corporation
Manufacturer RCA, Harris Corporation
Type microprocessors
Architecture 8-bit bit-slice
Word size 8 bit
1 octets
2 nibbles
Technology CMOS

EPIC (Emulation Programmable IC) was a family of 8-bit bit-slice microprocessors introduced by RCA in the late 1970s. The family was extended later by Harris Corporation. Those chips were designed for the aerospace industry and many of them have been radiation hardened and follow MIL-STD-883.


Part Description
GP001 Microprocessor, CMOS
GP201 RAM (1024x4-bit)
GP301 ROM (4096x4-bit)
GP302 ROM (4096x4-bit)
GP305 ROM (512x16-bit)
GP501 Emulating Controller
GP502 Microprogram Controller
GP503 Multiplier (8x8-bit)
GP504 Address Select
GP505 Register Select
GP507 Interrupt Control
GP511 Level Shifter
GP514 Address Select (double)
GP515 Register Select (double)
GP516 Bus Interface
GP517 Interrupt Control


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