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MSM3000 - Qualcomm
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Qualcomm MSM3000
Developer Qualcomm
Type System On Chips
Introduction September 24, 1998 (announced)
December 1998 (launch)
Architecture CDMA/FM system-on-a-chip
µarch ARM7TDMI
Word size 32 bit
4 octets
8 nibbles
Technology CMOS
Package QFP
MSM2300 MSM3100

MSM3000 (Mobile Station Modem 3000) was a fifth generation family of 32-bit ARM mobile system on chips with IS-95 (cdmaOne) capabilities designed by Qualcomm and introduced in 1998. This chip marked a significant departure from all their previous generation of chips by switching to an ARM-based (ARM7TDMI) core. Previously Qualcomm was using an embedded 80186 by Intel. This family was developer in parallel to the MSM5000 family which was based on the CDMA2000 standard.


In mid-1998 Qualcomm announced that they've acquired a license for ARM7TDMI. The switch upgraded their SoC from a 16-bit (which was previous based on Intel's 80186) to a 32-bit ARM (implementing the ARMv4 instruction set). The switch had big impact on the chip - die size was decreased, power consumption was significantly reduced, and performance was increased. MSM3000 offered data rates of up to 86 Kibit/s


Part Description
MSM3000 SoC
IFT3000 Transmit IF Converter
IFR3000 Receive IF Converter


Facts about "MSM3000 - Qualcomm"
designerQualcomm +
first announcedSeptember 24, 1998 +
first launchedDecember 1998 +
full page namequalcomm/msm3000 +
instance ofsystem on a chip family +
instruction set architectureARMv4 +
main designerQualcomm +
microarchitectureARM7TDMI +
nameQualcomm MSM3000 +
packageQFP +
technologyCMOS +
word size32 bit (4 octets, 8 nibbles) +