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10800 - Motorola
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Motorola MC10800
KL Motorola MC10800 Family.jpg
The MC10800 ALU and the XC10801 CU
Developer Motorola
Manufacturer Motorola
Type microprocessors
Production 1977
Architecture 4-bit bit-slice
Word size 4 bit
0.5 octets
1 nibbles
Technology ECL
Clock 1 MHz-20 MHz
Package QIL48

The Motorola 10800 (or MC10800) is a family of 4-bit bit-slice microprocessor components developed by Motorola and introduced in late 1977. Made using ECL, the 10800 series was designed for very high speed applications where nMOS components were insufficient.


Family Members
Part Description
10800 4-bit ALU slice
10801 Microprogram control unit
10802 Timing unit
10803 Memory interface slice
10804 4-bit bidirectional ECL/TTL interface
10805 4-bit bidirectional ECL/TTL interface
10806 32 words x 9-bit RAM
10807 5-bit bus transceiver ECL-to-ECL
10808 Programmable 16-bit shifter


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