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5700/6700 - Monolithic Memories
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MMI 5700/6700
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Developer Monolithic Memories
Manufacturer Monolithic Memories
Type microcontrollers
Production 1974
Architecture 4-bit, bit-slice
ISA 5700
Word size 4 bit
0.5 octets
1 nibbles
Technology Schottky TTL
Clock 1 MHz-5 MHz
Package DIP40

The MMI 5700/6700 was a family of 4-bit bit-slice microcontrollers developed by Monolithic Memories and introduced in 1974. This series was sold as very simple MCUs aimed to replace what would otherwise be around 25-30 discrete logic chips. Typically multiple MCUs were hooked up together to create large data word sizes such as 8-bit and 16-bit.

2nd sources[edit]


Part Frequency Description
5701 4 MHz Commercial version
6701 5 MHz Military version


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