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Kilobyte (kB)

Unit of Digital Information Storage
Kilobyte 103 Bytes
1000 Bytes
Decimal Binary
kilobyte kB 103
megabyte MB 106
gigabyte GB 109
terabyte TB 1012
petabyte PB 1015
exabyte EB 1018
zettabyte ZB 1021
yottabyte YB 1024
kibibyte KiB 210
mebibyte MiB 220
gibibyte GiB 230
tebibyte TiB 240
pebibyte PiB 250
exbibyte EiB 260
zebibyte ZiB 270
yobibyte YiB 280
(larger units were proposed but have not yet formally been adopted by the BIPM)

A kilobyte (kB), derived from kilo- prefix, is an International System of Units (SI) unit of digital information storage equal to 1000 bytes. This unit is part of IEC 80000-13 (International System of Quantities) which requires this unit to always equal 1000 bytes. A closely related unit, kibibyte, is used to represent 1024 bytes.

Equation 1 kB equals 10 cubed bytes equals 1 000 bytes equals 8 000 bits