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JEDEC trays with Intel Pentium processors.

JEDEC tray (JEDEC standard matrix tray) is a standard-defined tray for transporting, handling, and storing complete chips and other components.


JEDEC standard matrix trays or jusut JEDEC trays for short are a standard-defined tray used across the entire semiconductor and microelectronics industry for transporting, handling, and storing complete chips (integrated circuits) and various other components. JEDEC trays featured fixed-size slots for placement of chips Trays are typically made of strong inflexible plastic and less commonly aluminum.


All JEDEC trays come in the very same outline dimensions of 12.7 inches by 5.35 inches (322.6 mm x 135.89 mm). Trays come in a number of different profiles. Low profiles are slightly thinner (0.25") and are designed for QFPs, TQFPs, QFN, CSP, and BGA kind of packages while tall profile trays (0.40") are designed for PGA and PLCC types of packages. Trays are designed to stack within the same chip family by the same vendor. Trays have dedicated chip slots and are usually perforated to allow air to pass from tray to tray.