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Huaxintong Semiconductor (HXT)

HXT Semiconductor
huaxintong semi logo.png
Founded January 16, 2016
Guizhou Province
Founder Qualcomm
Guizhou Province
Fate Defunct
Defunct May 31, 2019

Huaxintong Semiconductor Technologies Co., Ltd. (HXT Semiconductor) was a Chinese semiconductor company that designs and sells ARM server microprocessors. NXT is a joint venture between Guizhou Province and Qualcomm. In MAy 31, 2019 HXT has closed.


The company was founded in early 2016 through a $280 million joint venture between Qualcomm and the provincial government of Guizhou in southwest China. Qualcomm owns 45% and Guizhou Province owns the remaining 55% stage in the business.

Processor families[edit]

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