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HAL Computer Systems

HAL Computer Systems
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Founded May 1990
Campbell, California
Founder Andrew Heller
Fate Absorbed into Fujitsu
Defunct 2001
Headquarters Campbell, California

HAL Computer Systems, commonly just HAL, was an American fabless semiconductor company. Founded in 1990 with the goal of creating the world's fastest and most reliable 64-bit workstations, HAL is known for having designed one of first commercial 64-bit microprocessors and as the company that beat Sun Microsystems to the first SPARC-V9 processor.

HAL was founded in May 1990 by Andrew Heller, a highly regarded computer designer from IBM. HAL is named after HAL 9000, the AI computer in Arthur C. Clarke's Space Odyssey series. Failing to secure additional necessary funding, HAL secured $40 million from Fujitsu in exchange for 44% stake in late 1991. In November 1993 HAL became a wholly-owned subsidiary of Fujitsu after selling the remaining 56% share of the company for an additional $50 million.



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defunct2001 +
fateAbsorbed into Fujitsu +
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founded locationCampbell, California +
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headquartersCampbell, California +
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