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SBA-1 - General Instrument
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Manufacturer General Instrument
Model Number SBA-1
Market Industrial
Introduction November, 1977 (launch)
General information
Family SBA
Clock 10 kHz-800 kHz
Technology nMOS
Word size 1 bit
0.125 octets
0.25 nibbles
Op. Temp 0 °C – 70 °C
Supply VDD 12 V
Supply VSS 0 V
RAM 120 b
1.5e-5 MB
0.015 kB
15 B
1.5e-8 GB
(120x1 bits)
Stack 16 levels
I/O ports 31
Package DIP40 (DIP)

The GI SBA-1 is a 1-bit microcontroller developed by General Instrument as part of their SBA family. This is an identical version of the SBA without the on-chip ROM. ROM data lines instead were brought out allowing external RAM or ROM to be hooked up.


Main article: SBA Instruction Set

This chip had 24 instructions, all 8-bit words, and had a single-cycle datapath.

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familySBA +
first launchedNovember 1977 +
full page namegeneral instrument/sba/sba-1 +
instance ofmicrocontroller +
manufacturerGeneral Instrument +
market segmentIndustrial +
max operating temperature70 °C +
min operating temperature0 °C +
model numberSBA-1 +
nameGI SBA-1 +
packageDIP40 +
ram1.5e-5 MB (0.015 kB, 15 B, 120 b, 1.5e-8 GB) +
ram breakdown120x1 bits +
technologynMOS +
word size1 bit (0.125 octets, 0.25 nibbles) +