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MB8840 - Fujitsu
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MB8840/MB8840H Family
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Developer Fujitsu
Manufacturer Fujitsu
Production 1977-1992
ISA MB8850
Word size 4 bit
0.5 octets
1 nibbles
Technology nMOS
Clock 1 MHz-6 MHz
Package DIP42, DIP28, QFP48

The MB8840/MB8840H series is a family of 4-bit nMOS microcontrollers developed by Fujitsu and introduced in 1977[off?]. This series was very popular for arcade games (e.g. some Atari's Namco Galaga/Xevious systems). This series is architecturally identical to the MB8850 family (A CMOS version).


The "H" versions are identical to their non-"H" counterparts but aimed to be "high performance", capable of operating at higher frequency (up to 8 MHz).

Family Members
Part ROM RAM I/O Ports Instructions Notes
MB8841 2kx8 bit 128x4-bit 37 70
MB8842 2kx8 bit 128x4 bit 25 69
MB8843 1kx8 bit 64x4 bit 37 70
MB8844 1kx8 bit 64x4 bit 25 69
MB8845 2kx8 bit 128x4-bit 37 70
MB8846 2kx8 bit 128x4-bit 25 69
MB8847 1kx8 bit 64x4 bit 37 70
MB8848 1kx8 bit 64x4 bit 25 69


Main article: MB8850 ISA

The MB8840 has an identical ISA to that of the MB8850.


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