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9400 Series - Fairchild
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Fairchild 9400 Family
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Developer Fairchild Semiconductor
Manufacturer Fairchild Semiconductor
Type microprocessors
Production 1975
Architecture 4-bit bit-slice
Word size 4 bit
0.5 octets
1 nibbles
Technology Schottky transistor, Bipolar
Clock 2.4576 MHz
Package DIP24, CerDIP24

The 9400 Series (officially 4700 Macrologic Series Bipolar Family) was a family of 4-bit bipolar multi-chip bit-slice microprocessor designed by Fairchild Semiconductor. The series was introduced in 1975. Around the same time Fairchild introduced the 4700 series which was a similar family using CMOS technology instead.

2nd Source[edit]

This family was 2nd sourced by Signetics.


Family Members
Part Description
9401 CRC Generator/Checker
9402 FIFO buffer (16x4-bit)
9403 Series/Parallel FIFO (Buffer Memory)
9404 Data Path Switch (DPS)
9405 Microprocessor "ALRS" (Arithmetic Logic Register Stack)
9406 Program Stack (16x4-bit LIFO)
9407 Data Access Register
9408 Microprogram Sequencer
9410 16x4 Clocked RAM (16x4-bit)
9411 CRC Generator/Checker
9414 Data Encryption
9423 FIFO buffer (16x4-bit)


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