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Eta Compute

Eta Compute
Type Private
Founded 2015
Founder Paul Washkewicz
Gopal Raghavan
Headquarters Westlake Village, California

Eta Compute is a semiconductor startup that specializes in extremly low-power processors.


Founded in 2015, Eta Compute is a semiconductor company that specializes in the design of extremely low-power processors. The company works in the area of asynchronous designs, near-threshold design, and various DVFS schemes in order to achieve very low energy designs. Their first processor used a home-grown asynchronous Cortex-M3 core while their second processor involved a slightly different design, producing the world's lowest energy AI chip at the time.


Date Description Amount Total
January 22, 2018 Series A $8 million $8 million


Facts about "Eta Compute"
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founded2015 +
founderPaul Washkewicz + and Gopal Raghavan +
full page nameeta compute +
headquartersWestlake Village, California +
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