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Standard Libraries - Arduino
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The Arduino standard libraries are a collection of libraries that comes standard with the Arduino IDE. The libraries offer a convenient way of performing common tasks that one might need while working with a microcontroller such as accessing the EEPROM, controlling an LCD display, accessing an SD card, and manipulating a servomotor or stepper motor.

Standard Headers[edit]

The Arduino standard libraries are made of 13 headers.

<EEPROM.h> <Ethernet.h> <Firmata.h> <GSM.h>
<LiquidCrystal.h> <SD.h> <Servo.h> <SPI.h>
<SoftwareSerial.h> <Stepper.h> <TFT.h> <WiFi.h>

An additional set of libraries only available in some models:

<Audio.h>1 <Scheduler.h>1 <USBHost.h>1 <Esplora.h>2
<ArduinoRobot.h>3 <Bridge.h>4 <YunServer.h>4 <YunClient.h>4

1 - Arduino Due
2 - Arduino Esplora
3 - Arduino Robot
4 - Arduino Yún