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Alpha Processor

Alpha Processor
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Type Private
Founded June, 1998
Founder Compaq
Fate Defunct
Headquarters Concord, Massachusetts

Alpha Processor, Inc (API, later renamed to API NetWorks, Inc) was a semiconductor company founded by Compaq and Samsung in 1998 to effectively succeed DEC in development and support of the DEC Alpha processor line or products following DEC's acquisition by Compaq the same month. API, along with AMD, co-designed HyperTransport.

Compaq eventually retained the chip's development in-house with Samsung being the foundry. Compaq never really knew what to do with the Alpha acquisition and they soon found themselves in financial problems of their own. On June 25 2001 Intel announced they've reached an agreement with Compaq to license most of Alpha's key technology along with the transfer of development team. Following Compaq's merger with HP, a new roadmap was introduced for Alpha detailing future microarchitectures going to 2005. HP ultimately killed the development with the cancellation of the Alpha 21464

Facts about "Alpha Processor"
company typeprivate +
fateDefunct +
foundedJune 1998 +
founderCompaq + and Samsung +
full page namealpha processor +
headquartersConcord, Massachusetts +
instance ofsemiconductor company +
nameAlpha Processor +