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WikiChip is a fully semantic wiki - articles are treated as objects which have properties attached to them.


WikiChip generally treats pages as objects. For example Intel is an object representing a manufacturing company. It has many microprocessor families it manufactures - those are too objects belonging to Intel and has microprocessors that belong to that family. This is the sort of hierarchy you should expect to see across WikiChip. Some articles, such as Boolean algebra are also objects. In this case it's an object representing a field area of mathematics.

For a full list of existing properties, check the Special:Properties page. Most properties are added automatically when the appropriate templates are added to the page, for example template:chip will add all the general microprocessor-related properties accordingly.


For example, consider the Intel Core i7-4850HQ, we can query every kind of information about this specific microprocessor by either browsing the properties page for it or querying for that information directly:

{{#ask:[[model number::i7-4850HQ]]|?model number|?tdp|?microarchitecture|?base frequency|format=table}}:
 model numbertdpmicroarchitecturebase frequency
Core i7-4850HQ - Inteli7-4850HQ47 W
47,000 mW
0.063 hp
0.047 kW
Haswell2,300 MHz
2.3 GHz
2,300,000 kHz


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