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display /userhost in #channel[edit]

I found this mrc code:

raw 302:*:{ echo -ta *** $gettok($2,1,61) is $right($gettok($2,2,61),$calc($len($gettok($2,2,61)) - 1)) halt }
raw 340:*:{ echo -ta *** $gettok($2,1,61) is $right($gettok($2,2,61),$calc($len($gettok($2,2,61)) - 1)) halt }

I was wondering how can I use this code for public command, I tried few optios but since im not a coder, I couldnt make it work

on *:TEXT:!ip*:#Ops: {

 notice $nick *** $2 *** is connected from $ip/host