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RCA Corporation
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RCA Electronics logo.svg
Type Public
Founded October 17, 1919
Founder General Electric
Fate Spun off
Defunct 1986
Headquarters New York City, New York

RCA Corporation, formerly as the Radio Corporation of America, was an American electronics company it became a pioneer semiconductor company.

RCA was founded by General Electric (which owned a controlling interest) on October 17, 1919. Due to antitrust charges brought about by the Department of Justice in 1930, GE gave up its controlling interest of the company; RCA retaining its radio factories. In 1986 RCA was absorbed back into GE. The majority of RCA's semiconductor portfolio was eventually sold off to Harris Semiconductor. In 1999 Harris spun off its semiconductor division as Intersil Corporation, going public on February 25, 2000. At the time, becoming the largest IPO for a U.S. semiconductor company in history.

RCA played a considerable role in popularizing and commercializing CMOS (went under the trade name COS/MOS) and pioneering the 4000 series.




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foundedOctober 17, 1919 +
founderGeneral Electric +
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