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Power ISA v3.0

Broader data type support

  • 128-bit IEEE 754 Quad-Precision Float – Full width quad-precision for financial and security applications
  • Expanded BCD and 128b Decimal Integer – For database and native analytics
  • Half-Precision Float Conversion – Optimized for accelerator bandwidth and data exchange

Support Emerging Algorithms

  • Enhanced Arithmetic and SIMD
  • Random Number Generation Instruction
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    Accelerate Emerging Workloads

    • Memory Atomics – For high scale data-centric applications
    • Hardware Assisted Garbage Collection – Optimize response time of interpretive languages

    Cloud Optimization

    • Enhanced Translation Architecture – Optimized for Linux
    • New Interrupt Architecture – Automated partition routing for extreme virtualization
    • Enhanced Accelerator Virtualization
    • Hardware Enforced Trusted Execution

    Energy & Frequency Management

    • POWER9 Workload Optimized Frequency – Manage energy between threads and cores with reduced wakeup latency

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