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Type Private
Founded 1988
Richardson, Texas
Founder Jerry Rogers
Tom Brightman
Fate Merged with National Semiconductor
Defunct November 11, 1997
Headquarters Richardson, Texas

Cyrix Corporation was a fabless microprocessor designer that specialized in math coprocessors and x86 microprocessors. Founded by a small group of former Texas Instruments engineers in 1988, Cyrix started out as a math coprocessors designer. In November 1997, Cyrix was sold to National Semiconductor and in June 1999 it was announced National will be selling the design team and assets to Via Technologies.

Processor Families[edit]

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Facts about "Cyrix"
company typeprivate +
defunctNovember 11, 1997 +
fateMerged with National Semiconductor +
founded1988 +
founded locationRichardson, Texas +
founderJerry Rogers + and Tom Brightman +
full page namecyrix +
headquartersRichardson, Texas +
instance ofsemiconductor company +
nameCyrix +
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