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Alchemy Semiconductor
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Alchemy Semiconductor
alchemy logo.png
Type Private
Founded 1999
Austin, Texas
Founder Greg Hoeppner
Phil Pompa
Rich Witek
Jim Montanaro
Richard Reis
Ray Stephany
Fate Acquired by AMD
Defunct 2002
Headquarters Austin, Texas

Alchemy Semiconductor was an American fabless semiconductor company that specialized in developing low-power MIPS microprocessor designs.

Alchemy was founded in Austin, Texas, in 1999 with an investment Cadence Design Systems, Inc. The original Alchemy development team consisted of former DEC Alpha and StrongARM engineers. In May 2000, Alchemy Semiconductor became a solely independent company through funding from US Venture Partners (USVP), Austin Ventures, and Telos Ventures.

In January 29, 2002 AMD announced its plans to acquire Alchemy in order to compete against Intel's XScale. By June of 2006, Alchemy assets were transferred to Raza Micro.

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defunct2002 +
fateAcquired by AMD +
founded1999 +
founded locationAustin, Texas +
founderGreg Hoeppner +, Phil Pompa +, Rich Witek +, Jim Montanaro +, Richard Reis + and Ray Stephany +
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headquartersAustin, Texas +
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