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Acorn Computers
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Acorn Computers
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Type Public
Founded December 5, 1978
Cambridge, UK
Founder Hermann Hauser
Chris Curry
Fate Defunct
Defunct November 2000
Headquarters Cambridge, UK

Acorn Computers Ltd. was a British semiconductor and computer company. Acorn is known for the development of a number of highly successful personal computers as well as for the development of the ARM instruction set and early ARM microprocessor implementations. Acorn's semiconductor business was spun off as ARM Holdings (then Advanced RISC Machines Ltd) in 1990.



Facts about "Acorn Computers"
company typepublic +
defunctNovember 2000 +
fateDefunct +
foundedDecember 5, 1978 +
founded locationCambridge, UK +
founderHermann Hauser + and Chris Curry +
full page nameacorn +
headquartersCambridge, UK +
instance ofsemiconductor company +
nameAcorn Computers +
wikidata idQ342149 +